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The Process of Studying

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The Process of Studying


Kids Studying (Doc:

You may know that the process of studying ends when the students’ knowledge is more or equivalent to the teacher. When this happens, the teacher has reached his or her limit and cannot teach anymore. Either the student finds a job or finds a higher class teacher to study more. And that is the students’ choice.

Studying is the process of learning something. It doesn’t have to be about ordinary school subjects like physics or economics. Studying also includes the study of art, war and tactics, and a whole other bunch of stuff.

I said before on how the process of studying ends. Well, Leonardo Da Vinci showed the end of his teachers career when he showed his teacher a magnificent drawing. That drawing was better than any of his teachers’ drawings by a mile. The teacher was embarrassed that one of his pupils beat him in his own sport. He couldn’t continue so he retired.


HMS Beagle (Doc:

“You can’t always wait until people give you what you want. Sometimes you just have to grab it.” And Charles Darwin did just that. When he studied in Cambridge University, he heard of a so called expedition for 5 years to collect scientific data in South America and other places. The expedition used the ship HMS Beagle.

But the HMS Beagle was only for older and experienced men. It wasn’t for little kids that wanted to see the ocean. But Darwin didn’t give up there. He showed his professors that he wasn’t one of those little kids.

He tried to prove to them that he really wanted to join the crew. Most of them disagreed and stated that he should not come along. But one of the crew allowed him on board. And from that moment, the 22-year old Charles Darwin became the new ships’ naturalist.

And it was a good idea that Darwin tagged along. It was in fact more of a great idea. The Galapagos Islands were one of the islands that they landed on to study. And that island is where Darwin discovered the theory of evolution.


Galapagos (Doc:

The famously known Isaac Newton who discovered gravity was once a farmer. And he didn’t at all want to be a farmer. Newton was forced to be a farmer by his family, and he was terrible at it. Still, he loved to read under the trees when his work was done.

Former teachers of Isaac Newton knew that being a farmer wasn’t the right job for him. And soon, the teachers persuaded to his parents that he should go to college. And that persuasion worked, but still his mother refused to pay for his tuition. So Newton had to create his own money somehow.

Newton went to study at Trinity College where he discovered some cool new things no one knew before. If Newton never went to College and stayed being a farmer, those things might have been discovered decades or centuries later. And that would slow down the pace of knowledge.


Farmer (Doc:

In conclusion, studying is the process of learning something new. Leonardo Da Vinci made his own teacher retire. Darwin grabbed what he wanted and Newton was once a farmer. Thanks for Reading!

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