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shafira Intan Pertiwi 18 Junior High School Semarang . Twitter @shafiratristine

Study Tour in Jakarta–Bandung (Recount Text)

OPINI | 28 January 2013 | 09:17 Dibaca: 2917   Komentar: 0   0


Let me reminded my experience an study tour in Jakarta and Bandung last week . Before I went to Jakarta- Bandung I’m must packed and prepared that . After that I came in Purwoyoso 1 Elementary School with my mother , and my sister’s .

In there me and my others friends has a gave provisions from my headmaster . We went to Jakarta- Bandung with all students 2nd grade of 18 Junior High School Semarang , we went to Jakarta- Bandung by bus . We were there for three days. I had many impressive experiences during the vacation.

First day in Wednesday , 9th January 2013 , at 3.00. p.m . We out of Semarang , then we went to Jakarta , all long way , we so very- very happy because , I don’t a be patient and I want to fast in location . In the bus all passenger such as some students different class , become one bus .

I sat beside Vela , occasionally I with Fairy and Alma . Vela was very cheerful . So I enjoyed sitting with her . Dangdut song always escorted our travelling. Surya and Haina the passengers. in bus fifth fond of singing . Actually it was funny journey because I spent all of my time with my friends, like playing games , laughing , and kidding .

When we were in Brebes , at around 19.20 p.m we came by kedung roso restaurant , for eating and praying . At 20.30 p.m we continued our journey . At that night all the passengers slept soundly . At 01.10 a.m Mr Wahyu awoke us to get a rest in Cikampek gas station for a while and at 01.50 a.m we continued our journey again.

Second day , at 03.00 p.m we arrived in PHI in Bekasi . In there become lodging for the night It was a big building and I had many room . My room was number was 303 .I slept with Vela because I’m afraid to slept alone hehehehehe I’m so very – very tired and I feel want to sleeping . But I must prayed subuh and take a bath . Then I must prepared again to Planetarium.

Before I going to Planetarium I must breakfast with others friends , in hall . After that our group must waiting to going in Planetarium because in schedule , going to Planetarium at 07.30 a.m . After that we visited in Planetarium , in there we could see extraordinary space phenomenon. There was a funny moment when I was in Planetarium . When we all watched a movie abaout space phenomenon my friends and I slept because the movie make our felt sleepy hahahaha .

After that we continued trip to Gelanggang Samudra Ancol . The located is not far from Planetarium . In GSA we saw many attractions like a watched movie 4D , Scorpion Pirrates , animal attractions , and under water .

In Gelanggang Samudra Ancol I’m so very-very like scorpion attractions , because that its so very-very amazing and I felt Scorpion Pirrates , like a movie Pirrates Of Caribbean . I like this movie , and I hope I can met actress and actor this movie .

Okay , after watched scorpion pirrates , we going to underwater attraction . In under water attractions we can saw dolphins and mermaid attraction . Time is finished in Gelanggang Samudra Ancol . There we were straight to Dufan . In Dufan we have 3,5 hours to played there. In Dufan I just palyed mini coaster , hysteria , and doll house . Because that time rainy . I’m so very-very afraid when I played Hysteria , because have height 60 meters .

Next we went to ITC Mangga Dua Jakarta . It was shopping centers in Jakarta . In there I and Dhea , Ellen , Niken , Fairy and Salma , shopping together . We bought many kinds clothes to our family . We shopping around we felt tired . Because this we came back in bus and continued trip to PHI .

At 9.00 p.m in PHI we dinner together . After that we prayed isya . Then we go to slept and breaked . At 07.30 a.m we chekout from PHI and we went Bandung .

On the way Bandung Mr. Wahyu always told story without stopping . He told us about history like a Guci history and Jakarta history . In Bandung we went to museum of science or IPTEK museum . In there we could study about all things. Like a electric connection , circular pattern and etc .

Next we went to Lembang Banadung to outbond around 2,5 hours . In there I just took pictures haha because I’m lazzy to played this game . The last object we visited Cibaduyut . Cibaduyut was popular with its leather handicraft . We were given 2 hours to shopping in there . Fairy and I shopping together, we walked tip to tip . We don’t felt tired and we enjoyed with this trip .

Time is over and we all must go back and trip going to Semarang at 20.00 p.m we all dinner in Sukahati restaurant . We don’t feel the journey because we all slept . At 05.30 a.m we all arrived in this my beautiful city haha. My sisters wa ready to picked me up to home .

That was is very—very cheerful day , but I felt so happy that I could have a new experience with my friends…



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